Comfort Brand Apparel Guidelines

 These brand guidelines will help you choose appropriate apparel for your employees and provide a consistent team appearance.

FRONT OF HOUSE TEAM MEMBERSMust wear approved, specified uniform tops at all times. Must wear approved style of pants at all times. May wear approved, specified second/outer layers.


POLOSMen’s polos should be worn with at least the bottom button fastened. Women’s polos should be worn with all buttons fastened.


DRESS SHIRTS - Men’s & Women’s dress shirts should be worn with all bottom buttons fastened. May leave top two buttons unfastened.


  • All men’s Front of House Polos & Dress Shirts should be worn tucked in.
  • Solid white short-sleeve t-shirts (no prints or graphics) may be worn under all uniform tops.
  • Back of House team members may wear approved first/under layers (long-sleeve shirt option).
  • Team members should present a professional appearance (neat, clean, well-groomed).
  • All garments should fit property and be clean, pressed (as applicable) and in good condition (no holes, fraying, stains, discoloration). 
  • Shoes should be a solid, professional color, slip-resistant, closed heel, and closed-toe style dress shoe.
  • If worn, belts should be in a solid, professional color, and match the color of pants or shoes.

New Uniform Collection must be implemented by December 31, 2020.

  • An approved, visible name badge must be worn at all times by all management & team members.
  • Badge should be worn on upper left chest of the uniform garment. Badge should not cover embroidery on the shirt.
  • First name is required for all personnel.
  • Last name is required for all management personnel. Last name is optional for non-management personnel.
  • Title is required for all management personnel. Title is optional for non-management personnel.

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